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Building schools in Kenya!

Light School – Uriri and The Children of Our Future

About Light School Uriri, Kenya

Light School Uriri, is a non-governmental school whose purpose is to provide early childhood development and learning program under a safe living environment for orphans and vulnerable children in rural Uriri, Kenya.

The school’s objectives are: To provide the best education system possible. A safe, clean, healthy and conscious living environment for children while at school. To strengthen a sense of sharing, partnership, and social networking in Uriri district,  Nyanza Province in Kenya.

So far the school is completed with eight classrooms, computer lab, art lab, library and other spacious rooms that enables our staff and pupils to  have an optimal academical system.

Why is the school needed?

Most people there live far away from schools or in areas with no infrastructure. With high rates of poverty, disease infection and harsh living conditions many children loose one or both parents and become orphans and vulnerable.

Community volunteers are coming together to help these children with basic shelter; yet, as they themselves are poor, they are unable to provide children with enough food, clothing and or, education.

The role of Light School Uriri, besides embracing these children with a loving warm home, food and clothing, is to give them a chance to develop themselves to their best academical level. The school’s positive influence will extend to the local community by providing jobs and transferring the knowledge while serving as a role model of effective and relevant education in the area.

All working staff, volunteers and supporters involved in this project, will benefit through gaining new experience, making life meaningful by helping these children believe in their dreams and help them through establishing close and personal connections spanning across boundaries of cultures and nations.

How can you help?

This is a non-governmental endeavor and all funds for food, clothing, education, construction and running of the school need to be raised by ourselves.

You can contribute in many different ways: by volunteering to teach, supporting feeding program, computer program, making general donations to support construction, furniture and equipment costs, stationery donations, books donation, material donations and participating in sponsorship programs.

The school is committed to issuing you with a Thank You letter, child specific progress report, photos, and allows you to visit the school any time of the year if may you wish to do so.

Light School Uriri Kenya

Light School Uriri Kenya

Which type of donations are most needed?

Most types of donations are warmly welcome. We can use anything that can help our students and ultimately the school to succeed.

  • We can always use money donations, as we have to buy food on a daily basis and also medication, clothes, plates, spoons etc.
  • We would like to be able to upgrade the salary of our employees, or at least be able to give them a bonus, for the good and hard work they do every day.
  • Books, stationery, musical instruments, chairs, desks, computers and anything in relation with a classroom or school.
  • It is also possible to donate an activity/experience or entertainment.
  • Solar panels and windmills would help make our school sustainable.

As The Light School is expanding, we need more space for the children.

  • We are looking for 5 hectares so that we can expand the primary school and nursery school as well as build a secondary school.
  • Classrooms for a science lab, a home economics room and a small library for all the lovely books that have been donated to us.
  • A garden for the children to play in, as the bit we have now is not sufficient for the many students we have.
  • A cultivating garden where the children can learn to cultivate their own fruits and vegetables.
  • We would like to keep a few animals such as goats, chickens that will provide us with eggs, a cow that can give us some milk.

Light School Uriri Kenya

Watch ‘Light School’ Transforming Lives Through Education – The Documentary

Your contribution and donation to Light School will be a meaningful one.

These children are your ambassador to a place and culture you might otherwise never know.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The school ‘Light School Uriri, Kenya’  it is not yet registered under the US 501c3 , reason why you wont be able to donate through the website directly. But instead, please email us at the address below to find out how you can make a contribution. A personal thank you letter along with a copy of the received donation will be send right back at you.

Thank You,

Linda Taylor

Director Advisory, Fundraise & Partnership

Light School Uriri, Kenya

PO BOX 73-40228

Uriri, Kenya

Tel.  +254729200595


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