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Know what you must do and do it !!

April 9, 2009

When you must, you will. What you truly value, you find a way to make more abundant.

That’s why it is so critically important to celebrate the unique beauty of who you are. That’s why being thankful for every little thing will create a life that’s overflowing with abundance.

Living by pretense is not really living. The real person inside is eager to bring to life the very best of everything that means anything to you.

Instead of trying to fit in, seek to fill out the best of your possibilities. Instead of wondering how little effort you can get by with, discover how much unique value you can create.

Every opportunity you act upon creates even more and bigger and better opportunities. The more focus and diligence and persistence and commitment you put into life, the more outstanding it becomes.

The best-paying job you can ever have is the job of being the real you. Know what you must do and do it, and life is rich indeed.

— Ralph Marston


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